CANFEST: Beer and Bikes for Good Cause

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RENO, Nev. -- CANFEST is back for the fourth year it's teaming up with the Reno Bike Project for its Second Annual Bike Drive. People can trade in their old wheels for a taste of some of the best canned beers in the world for a good cause.

From now until October 5, the Reno Bike Project will take any old bike and spruce it up for someone else to use. In return, people who donate their bikes will get a free ticket to CANFEST.

"Everybody is super excited. It's a chance for them to do some fall cleaning, clean out their garage and also get a ticket to one of the funnest events in reno," Jeff Mitchell, Project Manager of the Reno Bike Project said.

CANFEST is a one-of-a-kind beer festival that features nothing but canned beers from all over the world.

"Normally when you think of canned beer, is like Pabst and Bud Light and cheap staples but there's actually really good beers being put in cans and it's better for the beer and the environment," Constance Aguilar of Abbi Agency said. "So, we wanted to highlight that trend by bringing an event that centers around it."

CANFEST advocates going green and the impact recycling has on both the environment and the community.

"Last year we raised over a hundred bicycles and donations and those bikes went to a number of different places in the community and this is the biggest and funnest bike drive we have throughout the year," Mitchell said.

The Reno Bike Project is located at 541 4th Street and accepts bike parts, tricycles, adult bikes, and all bike-related items all-year-round.