Buying Local: Where Your Money Goes

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RENO, NV - "Made in America" is a luxury label that will cost you more. So where does that extra money go?

Some people buy local for ethical reasons, while others do it to feel healthier. However, many people don't want to pay the price so what's the incentive to buy local?

"Local eggs that are produced one dozen at a time, hand packed, yeah you're gonna pay 4 bucks for a dozen but they're three times more healthy, they taste 10 times better, and you're keeping that money here locally and you know mass produced eggs aren't that healthy," Dave Asher, Buy Local Reno-Sparks leader said.

When people buy local, they invest in their health and the local economy.

"By spending money on a locally owned business the profits are then reinvested in the community. That local business owner lives here, he owns a home, he pays property taxes that support our schools and our libraries. The profits he spends in hopefully locally owned businesses creates more jobs," Asher said. "If you're doing business with corporate america, the profit leaves the area, goes to the company headquarters and the money is spent there."

According to Time Magazine, the difference in your savings falls away when you consider employment increases and lower transportation costs.

"It's all about keeping all the profits here. why spend our hard earned money across seas and not have anything benefit locally? That's where all the jobs are coming from is from supporting local businesses that support other local businesses," Asher said.

In a recent study done by the local business Co-op, 68 percent of your money is goes back into the community when you buy from local businesses while only 43 percent goes back when you buy from national chains like Walmart or Target.

"You may save money with that mass produced stuff now but in the long run, you won't be as healthy, and you won't feel as good about this community," Asher said.