Buying Fuel with Food

WINGFIELD SPRINGS, Nev. With gas prices skyrocketing, spending the money to fill your tank may have counting pennies. But your daily activities may already be saving you money.

Many grocery stores are offering gas rewards programs aimed helping people get cheaper gas.

"It definitely helps," Amy Demuth, a Wingfield Springs resident said. "I mean you're going to have to buy groceries anyway, so why not save a little bit on your gas."

That's exactly the kind of thinking stores had when they started offering gas rewards.

Stores like Raley's are making it easier to fill up your tank by giving discounts at their station depending on how much you spend in groceries.

"If I spend $100, it's $0.25 off the gas so that really helps," Michelle Poynter, a Wingfield Springs resident said. Poynter says with a family of four, it's easy for her to spend over $100 every time she buys groceries.

Demuth also finds it easy to earn rewards, even though there's just two mouths to feed.

"It's just me and my husband so you wouldn't think you'd spend too much on groceries every week, but we always at least get the $0.10 reward," she said.

Demuth even waited to fill up her gas tank until she was able to get to Aisle One, even though her gas light was on.

"I just put like $5 in at another gas station cause I knew I had a coupon rewards for here," she said. "So I just put in a couple dollars there so I could come home and fill up here cause it's cheaper".

Every gas rewards program is different, so to find the one that works best for you, click on the link below.