Busy Days At Reno Tahoe Airport

Natalia Rocha and her family are waiting for a rental car here at Reno Tahoe Airport.

They've traveled all the way from Columbia for a skiing trip up at Lake Tahoe.

“We came here to ski because well, I haven't see snow so I think its going to be really fun,” says Rocha.

Their travels took them from Columbia, to Houston, to Reno.

No delays for them.

And according to the flight schedule board late this morning there were no delays anticipated--so far. The story could change depending upon where you change your flight.

“Most flights are operating on time today at Reno Tahoe International. Remember that could change, given not only the weather here locally but nationwide. But today nationwide travel is a bit smoother compared to yesterday. But if we get snowfall here again in the region, or wind, rain, snow in other parts of the country, that could affect flights. So log online to your airline before you come to the airport and check the status of your flight,” says Heidi Jared, spokesperson with Reno Tahoe International.

You might be prepared, but others around you may not.

Typically this time of year families are traveling together with small children, or those who don't frequently travel are doing so now.

They may need extra time to board or get through security that's where the patience part on your end comes in.