Businesses Prepare for Possible Flooding

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One of the most at-risk areas for flooding is the Industrial Area of Sparks. Those companies have a lot to lose if their buildings end up underwater. That's why many are taking the steps to prepare today.

There's a lot of heavy lifting going on inside Resource Action Program's 80,000 square foot warehouse in Sparks. Workers are using forklifts to move everything from the bottom two shelves up a few feet.

"It's a lot of work," says Steve Martins, the warehouse manager. "It's not what we were expecting this morning when we got to work today, but it's something that we need to do."

That's because the warehouse sits in a flood zone.

"We have a lot of paper products and anything that gets wet is going to be completely destroyed," says Martins.

The company makes kits to educate people about saving energy and saving water. But this weekend, they're hoping their building doesn't get overtaken by water. The president of Resource Action Program says his company has only been at this location off United Circle in Sparks since 2010, so it's never been flooded out before. But that did happen to the previous tenant. That's why the company already has sandbags on hand and a plan in place. But this daylong preparation is costing the company.

"It means we're not making product, we're not shipping product. We're not doing any of that kind of thing," says Joe Thrasher, president of Resource Action Programs. "But the reality of the situation is if we don't prepare, and something does happen, then we'll be out of work for a longer period of time, so it's worth the investment and worth the time."

This company is not alone. Thrasher says he talked with other businesses in the area doing the same thing. And you can even see sandbags out in the front of buildings in the area.