Businesses Feel The Burn

RENO, NV - At Total Wines, the boxes are flying open as fast as they are going out the door.

This is the fourth year the store has opened its doors and catered to the Burning Man crowd.

For executives back east the concept may be hard to grasp, but the money made in a couple of days wasn't hard to understand at all.

”I pre-purchase, you know, 1,000 cases of Pabst Blue Ribbon, Tecate, stacked in front of the store. Water is right up front. Moving vans, a full 42-foot trailer, we just loaded it up to our dock just filled him up with 25 kegs,” says Anthony Kingsland, manager of Total Wines.

The kegs are in back and Kingsland says next year they may have to bring in a refrigerated truck or two to keep up with the demand.

Mojito Molly says she's cleared the store of white rum, she hopes to have 65 gallons of her favorite beverage on hand at her camp by Mojito Monday afternoon.

“We just have the best deals in town. It's much cheaper than getting it in California which is where we are from. And we can call ahead and the will pull the stuff for us,” says Molly.

At the Reno Tahoe Airport, there's an Air Playa Info Welcome Table.

Manned by Burning Man volunteers, it comes in handy with visitors from out of the country who arrive for a festival they believe is only a couple of miles away instead of two hours by car.

While most people arrive to the festival by vehicle, the airport brings about 10% of the burners to their destination.

“Burning Man has become the single largest annual event for Reno Tahoe International, with well over 15,000 passengers expected to arrive this week to attend the annual festival,” says Heidi Jared with Reno Tahoe Airport.

And all those passengers will be headed back on Monday, Labor Day and the next day.

They, along with the Rib Cookoff crowd, and those who just came to Northern Nevada for the three day weekend, expect full flights.

If you too are headed out of the airport September 1st and 2nd., expect the same.