Business Owner Assesses Damage After G St. Rollover

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SPARKS, NV - Owners of a business destroyed by a Thanksgiving afternoon rollover returned to the scene Friday morning to assess the damage.

Sparks police have arrested 18-year-old Daquane Morris for driving the vehicle which crashed into the Paws Thrift Avenue.

Property owner Travis Hawkinson says his family purchased the building, and a building immediately behind the thrift store where the family runs a salon, just ten months ago. Hawkinson says his mother retired to Sparks in order to open the thrift store, where all proceeds go to pet rescue.

“Now we're losing money, for the thrift store not being open on the busiest weekend of the year, people can't, the parking lot's got damage now, so the salon could be affected by that, you know. Which costs us money. And if we have to replace all this stuff, both businesses could be greatly affected financially,” says Hawkinson.

Hawkinson’s family has invested at least $200 thousand in renovating both buildings. He did go inside the thrift store Friday, and says the damage appears to be contained to the exterior.

“It's got big old gashes in it. The building's trashed. The water lines are broke. The roof's ripped off the side. The steps and the sidewalks are trashed. I mean it's a lot of damage that needs, structural damage, to the building,” says Hawkinson.

But with insurance adjusters unable to visit the property until the holiday weekend is over, he doesn’t know how much of a financial hit the damage has caused.

“You never really know until you start digging through everything,” Hawkinson says. “But right now they've kind of told us not to touch anything until the insurance adjusters take their pictures, because it's basically like a crime scene now.”