Burners' Journey Home

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RENO, NV - It's that time of year again when Burners are making their way back home, but after a week at the Playa, getting back to the real world can be a big challenge for some.

It's back to reality, or the default world, as Burners call it. They're packing up and moving forward, taking their memories with them.

"Everything illuminated and all of the art there and everything that was burning, my just like involuntarily dropped and it was really beautiful, it's really breathtaking, it's really amazing," said Shelby Kalm from Maryland.

For many first-timers like Shelby Kalm, Burning Man is a one-of-a-kind experience. "The emotions that I feel and the positivity, you just can't get anywhere else," she added.

It's a place where for one week, social boundaries and rules go out the window. "You go to this world where everyone is just trying to be as positive as they can and help each other out and it's really refreshing and inspiring," said Scott Smoot from Maryland.

"Having a cell phone, what people think about you, all that melts away and it's impossible to achieve in the real world," said Eric Brief from New York.

For those already in the real world, interacting with a burner post-burn is a completely different experience. "They're not my typical passengers; they're fun to be with," said Suon Chham, Burner Express shuttle driver.

This is Chham's first year transporting Burners from Black Rock Desert to the airport. He says they're some of the nicest people so, a little dust in the shuttle doesn't bother him. 'It's a desert so we can't expect better than that so, I mean things can always be washed out, but other than that it's beautiful."

One thing is clear: Burning Man is never what you expect it to be.

For Burners who aren't ready to let go of the burn, Lex Nightclub is throwing a Depressurization party Monday through Wednesday night.