Burners Bring Business Back

RENO, NV - Late Friday morning there are plenty of washers and dryers available to clean clothes. But in a little more than 48 hours it could be a different story at Duds N Suds. And that's exactly how owner Gene Sanguinetti likes it.

“Absolutely, they are in here, they are kind, gregarious. They are kind of laid back folks and they interact with everyone else,” says Sanguinetti.

Sanguinetti says the rush in businesses Sunday night and beyond doesn't really have an impact on regular customers who come here on the weekend--but it definitely does on the bottom line.

Not just in quarters and loads of laundry, but also in alcohol sales here and gaming revenue.

While some burners choose to do their own laundry, they can drop it off, and regularly do, and have a staff member here clean clothes.

Sanguinetti says they often leave here, put the clothes in the trunk, and don't take them out until next year.

Unfortunately that can't be done with a burner who rents a car. That's where detailing at car washes like Franktown Car Wash comes in handy.

Tomas Ortiz says business doubles beginning Monday. It's their gain, but a car renter's loss if the vehicle doesn't come back in good condition. “If you mix water with the powder, it becomes clay. So you really have to know what you are doing,” says Ortiz. Plying playa from the interior of a car can take up to two hours.