Burners Boost Businesses Even After Burning Man Ends

RENO, Nev. This year's Burning Man is wrapping up and burners are heading back home, bringing with them wild memories and dust.

The alkaline in the dust is bad for cars. So once the burners clean themselves up, it's time to get to work.

Karen Dallett is Burning Man veteran, and has a strategy when it comes to cleaning her car.

"I learned early on that you've got to vacuum first," Dallett said. "Because if you don't, all of that playa dust goes to mud, and you'll never get it off."

For the car washes, all the extra business is both a blessing and a curse.

"It's rough sometimes, but it brings in money for us so we like it," Maranda Lister said.

Lister works at the Metro $6 Car Wash on Longley Lane. She says all the dust can make a bigger mess than you'd think.

"We get so much mud and debris that it just clogs our pipes really fast," Lister said. "And once it gets in there it starts overflowing and it's just a mucky mess."

Many times cars are so dirty they will have to be washed twice. Though than means more dirt in the pipes, it also means more money in the register.