Attempted Burglary Suspect Jumps Off Roof in Effort to Escape

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RENO, Nev. -- An early morning burglary attempt landed one man in handcuffs.

It happened at about 2:00 AM Sunday at the Money Tree in the 2900 block of Clear Acre. Officers were called to check out a burglary alarm. When they got there, they found a ladder leading to the roof leaning against the back of the building. Officers then saw a man on the roof trying to drill into the business through its ceiling.

When the man saw police, he tried to get away by jumping off the roof, a drop of about 20 feet. Officers struggled with him briefly before arresting him. The suspect received minor injuries during his attempted escape.

Reno Police officials say the man was "well prepared with drilling tools, saws, a video scope, video cameras for surveillance, and a police scanner."

Police identified the suspect as 34 year old Jason Stidam.