Burglar Leaves All Possible Evidence Behind...

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LOS ANGELES (AP) - It wasn't difficult to identify a suspect in a break-in where an intruder kicked open a door and ransacked a bedroom before he was confronted by a Los Angeles homeowner.

The resident struck the intruder's head with a garden hoe, briefly knocking him unconscious, before he got up and ran away.

A surveillance video camera recorded Tuesday's midday confrontation and there were footprints and DNA from the bloody hoe.

But the bungling burglar left even more key evidence behind: His car was abandoned in the driveway.

Lt. Paul Vernon tells the Los Angeles Times that there were pictures of 25-year-old Miguel Luna on an iPad, a traffic citation with his signature and fingerprints in the car.

Detectives said Friday that Luna has so far eluded capture.

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