Brooks One Step Closer To Expulsion

In a 6 to 1 vote the select committee voted to expel Steven Brooks from the assembly.

How they came to their conclusion took 3 hours.

What was involved in that was unknown.

That's because the press was kept out in the hallway during those deliberations.

Once the gavel sounded to start the proceedings, it only took about three minutes for the public and press to be sent from the room as the select committee entered a closed session.

The information they had was too sensitive they said, and unless Mr. Brooks was there to relinquish his privacy, this matter was going to stay private.

“While we always want open meetings there is a point at which we must also protect the privacy of others,” said Majority Leader William Horne.

For three hours the bi-partisan committee looked at 900 pages of Mr. Brook's public and private record resulting from interviewing 50 witnesses.

So intertwined the independent counsel told the committee, it could not be separated to open up the hearing.

The assemblyman has had run ins with the law, he's been hospitalized, and allegedly threatened the Speaker of Nevada's Assembly—all since January of this year

Once back in session, it took no time at all for Assemblyman Lynn Stewart to make the motion to recommend to expel Steven Brooks from the Assembly.

Seconded by Richard Carrillo, only Dina Neal would vote against the motion.

“I'm open to suspension and for him to seek help. But I couldn't come to that point. And I need people to understand that,” said Assemblyman Neal who represents North Las Vegas.

And while other members would share Neal's sentiments, they would not follow her conclusions.

While not disclosing what they found out Tuesday night, the information they say went beyond the pale.

“What I read in there was not reflective of the man I had come to know,” said Horne.

Brooks' Attorney Mitchell Posin was present during the entire proceedings, even though his client was not.

When asked if his client intended to take legal action if the assembly expelled Brooks, Posin's response was simple.

“We haven't discussed that yet,” said Posin.

The select committee must walk a tight rope, trying to convince a 2/3rds majority to expel Brooks, yet not telling the 2/3rds how they reached their decision.

Much like those who were left in the hallway as the deliberations took place.

The vote in the assembly will take place sometime this week.