Brooks Banned from Legislature, On Administrative Leave

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CARSON CITY, NV - Nevada State Assemblyman Steven Brooks is banned from the Legislature and on paid administrative leave pending the result of an investigation done by an independent council, according to Assembly Majority Leader William Horne.

Horne tells KOLO 8 News Now that a letter will be delivered to Mr. Brooks in the next day or two, letting him know that he has been put on leave.

Horne says the action has been taken to keep others at the Legislature safe and because Brooks' behavior has become too much of a distraction.

"A lot of resources have gone into monitoring Mr. Brooks when he has gone into the legislative building," Horne said. "It's taking away from what we are suppose to be doing here, and that's legislating."

The announcement comes on the heels of Brooks' latest arrest over the weekend in Las Vegas.

He was arrested early Sunday on misdemeanor charges of domestic battery and obstructing an officer.

"The conduct and behavior that Mr. Brooks did to get arrested will be of consideration to the committee, but his criminal charges themselves will not be why we are convening," Horne says.

Brooks was also arrested January 19th after he allegedly threatened Assembly Democratic Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick.
Days later, he was detained in Las Vegas following a domestic disturbance at his grandmother's home. He was hospitalized and underwent a mental evaluation.

Just last week he announced he'd take a three-week leave from the Legislature.

In light of recent events, some are worried how Brooks will react to being place on administrative leave, but Horne says that's not his main concern.

"We can't be in the position of not acting because we are concerned what that act this body decides to take will have on Mr. Brooks," Horne said. "It is time that we get to the bottom of this so we can move on so we can do what we're tasked here to do for 120 days."