Britain Raises Terror Threat Level

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LONDON (AP) - One security expert says British officials must have been hearing something that caused concern, in order for them to raise the country's terror threat level today to "severe," the second-highest level.

Officials said they weren't responding to any specific threat. But Christian Leuprecht, a security expert at the Royal Military College of Canada and Queen's University, says there must have been "something more concrete than, 'Oh, we'd better be careful.'" Otherwise, he says, "you would see everyone in the West do this."

And in fact, the White House says it doesn't expect the U.S. to bump up its terrorism threat warning level. A spokesman says the U.S. is in touch with British officials, and monitoring the threat of foreigners fighting alongside militants in Iraq and Syria who could then travel back to their home countries. New York's police commissioner also says the city is closely following developments overseas, but that there's "no specific credible threat" to the city.

British Prime Minister David Cameron today said the extremist threat posed by the Islamic State group is more dangerous than even the threat from al-Qaida. He says the group is "effectively a state run by terrorists."

Intelligence and security services now believe around 500 Britons have gone to fight in Syria and potentially Iraq.


LONDON (AP) - Prime Minister David Cameron says he'll introduce new laws to combat terror suspects, pledging to seize passports to fight what he described as an extremist threat more dangerous than any previously seen.

Cameron's remarks came just after authorities on Friday raised the terror threat level to severe, the second highest level. The decision was related to developments in Iraq and Syria, but there was no information to suggest an attack was imminent.

Cameron told reporters that while the Taliban facilitated al-Qaida terrorism, the Islamic State group is "effectively a state run by terrorists."

"We could be facing a terrorist state on the shores of the Mediterranean and bordering a NATO member," he said.