Body in Carson River ID'd as State Insurance Examiner

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CARSON CITY, NV - Authorities confirmed Monday a body found in the Carson River is that of 62-year-old William McCune, Chief Examiner for the Nevada Division of Insurance.

Four Carson City young people have been charged with his murder.

The body was discovered early Saturday, wrapped, taped and dumped in the water near Carson River Drive.

Official identification finally confirmed it was that of McCune.

McCune had been missing since last Thursday when co-workers at the state Insurance Division became concerned when he missed an appointment.

Investigators found his apartment a blood-spattered mess and they were still processing it when they got an early break. Items belonging to McCune were pawned in Reno and North Las Vegas and someone had tried to use his credit cards.

Within hours they'd recovered the body and 23-year-old Michael Evans was arrested in Carson City. Three others, 20-year-old Anthony Elliott, 22-year-old Raul Garcia and 20-year-old Makyla Blackmore were arrested in Las Vegas.

Prosecutors have filed open murder and burglary charges against each. The charges also carry an enhancement of a crime against a senior which potentially could add years to any sentence.

Meanwhile the investigation continues. Crime scene investigators may take several days more to process evidence at McCune's apartment, weeks to determine cause of death.

The legal case won't linger. Elliott, Garcia and Blackmore may be back in Carson City as early as Tuesday. The first court appearance could follow later this week.

One other loose end is McCune's maroon 2000 Dodge Dakota pickup. The plates were found at one of Evans' Carson hangouts. The vehicle itself is still missing.

Garcia and Blackmore apparently have no criminal record. Elliott and Evans were known to Carson City authorities.

All four are said to be cooperating with investigators. It's believed McCune may have had some prior contact with two of them.

Interviews and evidence apparently suggest a possible motive of theft driven by drug use escalating to murder.

McCune leaves a son, daughter and ex-wife, all apparently living in Louisiana.