Job Fair Set for New Bourbon Street Casino to Replace Silver Club

June 11th, June 12th and June 13th from 9am-5pm at the Holiday Inn in Sparks next to Denny's off the I-80/McCarran exit in the Victorian Ballroom.


SPARKS, NV - For more than 4 years, a corner of Victorian Square in Sparks has been in the dark. Once the Silver Club, in 2009, it closed its doors, leaving employees to look for other lines of work. Rumors have circulated for years about the fate of the building. But this week those rumors have been replaced by fact.

“People want it to be open. This is it this is the real deal,” says Nancy Darcy, Chief Operating Officer with Nevada Casino Holdings. The company is in the process of renovating the Silver Club.

For the first time in years there's activity on the outside, and inside of the Silver Club in Sparks.

At one entrance the lights are on, and YESCO workers are in the process of changing out the signs around the block

Inside workers are stripping counter tops and redesigning areas of the casino floor.

Darcy says the number one priority is getting the first floor in modern shape.

With a Bourbon Street theme she says some of the design has been left over from the former Silver Club.

“We will be hiring a little over 100 people and we are doing it through a series of job fairs. People can also visit our website and put in an application now if the like. We are looking for 100 to start about 100,” says Darcy.

Darcy says the casino will be starting small in hopes of attracting former customers along with those new to the property.

She says she'd like Bourbon Street to be a locals casino where people can meet their friends and family, have a drink, a nice meal, gamble and feel comfortable in their surroundings.

“So I think there is really that spirit of community in Sparks and I think that's what drives the interest in this particular building,” says Darcy.

For employment opportunities at the Bourbon Street Casino you can go to and click on Hot Topics.