Boomtown is Hiring

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Reno, NV - It's not often we hear about jobs in our area that need to be filled now. But that's what Boomtown was offering people at a job fair on Friday. And even though they're only looking to hire between 10 and 20 people, more than 60 drove out to the casino to try their luck.

Laura Grasteit came all the way from Fallon for an interview. She's been looking for work for nearly a year and says, if she gets hired at Boomtown, making that commute won't be a problem. She'll take any position, even if it's part-time.

"I've got a family that, that i have to support," says Grasteit, who has two young boys. She says the opportunities in Fallon are limited.

"There are job openings, but it's hard because there's so many people out there that are vying for the few that are there," says Grasteit.

Boomtown is able to offer jobs at this time because of new ownership that is allowing the casino to expand its dining options.

"We're doing a little bit of different things here than what was done in the past at Boomtown," says Dee Dee Cenac, who is the human resources director at Boomtown. "We've got a lot of different opportunities for food outlets. We're going to be opening up a wine experience and we're going to be opening up a mexican cantina restaurant."

And that means Boomtown will need...

"Cashiers, hosts, hostesses and servers," says Cenac.

Laura Grasteit says getting a job at Boomtown would make her day.

"I would be ecstatic! I would be hitting the roof with joy," she says.

Friday's job fair ran from 9am until 2pm. If you missed out, you can still apply for jobs online at