Bomb Threats Reported at Walmarts Across West, Including Fallon

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FALLON, NV - Bomb threats were reported at Walmart stores across the West Coast Tuesday night, but it's unclear if they are connected.

The Walmart in Fallon was shut down for several hours Tuesday night because of a phoned-in bomb threat.

A bomb truck from NAS Fallon was brought in to help in the investigation. Officers also motioned people away from the area.

Fallon police say after about four hours, nothing was found and the store was reopened.

A spokesman for NAS Fallon says as part of a mutal aid agreement, their Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team will assist Fallon PD if they have any explosives issues.

Around the same time the Walmart in Fallon was evacuated, bomb threats came in to Walmart stores in California and Arizona.

News agencies in Marysville, California reported a bomb threat forced the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department to evacuate a Walmart there. As of 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, deputies were still working to get bomb sniffing dogs to the scene.

In Arizona, two Walmarts were evacuated after receiving bomb threats. According to news agencies in Tucson, a Walmart on the city's northwest side and a store in Safford were locked down because of similar threats. Investigators didn't find anything in either store. Both have re-opened.