Boarding Passes: Another Loophole for Terrorists?

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Online boarding passes might be convenient for travelers. But they could be convenient for terrorists too.

Editing an online boarding pass to make a fake one can be as simple as cutting and pasting in Microsoft Word. It took ABC News interns 20 seconds to doctor a boarding pass.

Because airline security doesn’t scan boarding passes at the same time it checks IDs, anyone, including a terrorist, could use a fake boarding pass to bypass the no-fly list.

Bruce Schneier, an airline security expert who’s worked with the Transportation Safety Administration says it’s another example of why physical security on the plane needs to be improved.

"Things like reinforcing the cockpit door. That’s things like teaching passengers they have to fight back," he says.

The TSA told ABC News they’re not concerned about fake boarding passes because airports screen for weapons. But Congress is concerned and wants to close the loop hole.