Blood Bank: Need is Urgent for Type O

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RENO, NV - United Blood Services of Reno says it's in urgent need of type O blood donors.

“We typically see an increase in the need for type O blood during the summer with this summer being no different that has caused us to have a low supply of type O blood today,” says Steve Thomas, Donor Recruitment Director for United Blood Services of Reno.

United Blood Services is reaching out to all type O donors for blood donations, since their inventories are low and inventories need to be built going into the long Labor Day weekend, according to Thomas.

Type O-positive blood is the most common type of blood, so it is needed most often by patients, with 37% of the population having this blood type. Type O-negative is the universal blood type, meaning it can be used by patients of all other blood types and is most often used in emergency situations and for premature babies.

“Please consider giving a double red cell donation to do the most good,” continued Thomas. “Donors who give just their red blood cells through a special donation called apheresis can double the amount of red cells donated at one time.”

If your blood type is O, United Blood Services encourages you to schedule an appointment to donate at one of its three Community Donation Centers in Reno (1125 Terminal Way), Carson City (256 E. Winnie Lane) or Sparks (4670 Sparks Boulevard) or at a blood drive. Call 800-696-4484 or click on the link at the right.