Blind Military Dog Finds a Home

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SPANISH SPRINGS, Nev. -- He's a veteran, a war hero and a canine. The former bomb-sniffing dog served with the U.S. Marines, but after a year in Afghanistan, he became disabled and lost his role in the military. Now he's back in the states with a completely new lifestyle. Meet Asur.

"I think he's just something we needed to have in our lives, he just added to it," Bunnie and Ross Laflin, owners said.

Like any other dog, he can hear you, smell you and even greet you, but when you see Asur play, he still sits in darkness.

"It's amazing how well he does. They say that dogs transition better to being blind than a human does," Bonnie-Jill Laflin, Hounds and Heroes founder and Asur's owner.

Doctors think the chemicals from sniffing bombs caused him to lose his eyes. Asur was brought to the U.S., but his disability suddenly left him without a home.

Thanks to Hounds and Hereos, Laflin adopted Asur and helped him adjust to his new lifestyle. It's a non-profit organization that she found to help pair rescue animals with men and women in service.

"You go from military working environment, in kennels and Humvees, he's all over the place and now he's turned into somewhat of a couch potato," she said.

"He is a protection breed and he's used to biting and tugging and playing. we've got to find new ways to show him that he can still be a dog and have a fulfilling life," Melissa Heeter, Purina dog trainer said.

The Laflin family became his eyes. Asur has to go back to the basics and relearn something as simple as walking down a trail or interacting with others.

"He's just sweet, i think he's taught us more patience and knowing what he's been through makes us feel like we're so lucky to have him," Bunnie and Ross said.

Leaving a life of distress behind, the retired vet can live the rest of his days in peace.

"He has given his life basically to the united states and now we're giving back to him," Heeter said.

Normally, it takes an average dog about 90 days to adjust to a new home, but Asur has adjusted to ranch life in just four weeks. In his new home, the hero can finally be at ease.