Bitter Cold Grips California; Some Citrus Damaged

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FRESNO, Calif. (AP) - As an unusual cold gripped the West Coast, some California citrus growers have damage to their crops after a fourth night of freezing temperatures.

Paul Story of Exeter-based California Citrus Mutual says some mandarin-growing areas in the western San Joaquin Valley may have significant damage. Mandarins are more susceptible to cold and are grown in areas that saw some of the lowest temperatures overnight.

Story says other citrus crops have little or minimal damage. Sunday temperatures dropped to 25 degrees in some areas and stayed low longer than previous nights.

Farmers deployed wind machines and irrigation to increase the temperature in the groves.

In Southern California, strong winds helped to keep crops out of danger by keeping the cold from settling. Temperatures in downtown Los Angeles plummeted to 34 degrees.