Bishop Manogue Releases Statement on Loss of Principal

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Recent uproar over the loss of 12 year school employee forces a local high school to explain.

Parents and students alike could be seen outside Bishop Manogue Catholic High School Monday morning protesting the school's decision to not renew Principal Jaureguito's contract.

Chris Witty, Bishop Manogue president, released a statement today to answer some questions and hopefully dispel some rumors:

“First, I feel the need to apologize to the Manogue family for any confusion I may have created as a result of the e-mail I sent Friday regarding the personnel decision involving Mr. Jaureguito. It was sent with the very best of intentions in an effort to communicate transparently and efficiently. Today, I believe additional information is warranted regarding the personnel decision I made.

“Since November, Mr. Jaureguito and I have been discussing his desire in remaining as principal at Bishop Manogue Catholic High School. On numerous occasions, Mr. Jaureguito indicated to me and others that he was actively evaluating other employment opportunities and that was reaffirmed recently in a conversation with two leaders of our Board of Directors. Then, and now, I understand and respect his decision.

“Under the terms of his employment contract, Mr. Jaureguito was to be notified by me no later than March 1 whether or not his contract would be renewed for next year. Last week, he and I reached the conclusion that it was time for a change. As colleagues, Mr. Jaureguito and I decided it was in the best interest of the school that we part ways so as to remove any uncertainty associated with the question of his contract renewal and, most importantly, to enable the search process for his replacement to begin immediately. I can honestly say that the discussions between Mr. Jaureguito and me were always conducted professionally and never became adversarial.

“In my e-mail last Friday, however, I neglected to mention that we are gladly honoring Mr. Jaureguito’s employment contract for the remainder of the school year. All of us recognize Mr. Jaureguito’s significant contributions to our school and we remain grateful for his dedication to Bishop Manogue for the past 12 years.

“As we move forward in the process of hiring a new principal, I can assure the entire Manogue family that we will be searching for someone who is committed to Catholic teaching traditions, someone who understands the special uniqueness of Bishop Manogue’s history, and someone who will enthusiastically and boldly lead our faculty and student body into the future.”