Bill Would Make Blue Weinmaraner Nevada State Dog

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) - There were barks and yips in the Nevada Senate as a Reno senator introduced a bill to make the Blue Weinmaraner the official state dog of Nevada.

Sen. Ben Kieckhefer (KEE-keh-fer) of Reno endured the good-natured howls from his colleagues when he introduced SB225 Friday.

Kieckhefer says the bill stems from a letter he received from a 9-year-old Reno boy, asking to make the breed Nevada's official state dog. A petition signed by his classmates was included.

Kieckhefer says he spoke with the boy's mother, and decided to turn the youngster's request into a civics lesson on the legislative process.

But the senator, who owns a pug and a lab, says he made no promises the bill would pass.

Another senator quipped that his beagle named Carson will object.

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