Bill Seeks to Ban Sports Kiosks from Bars

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) - The powerful Nevada Resort Association wants to ban small bars and taverns that have restricted gambling licenses from operating sports betting kiosks.

A hearing Wednesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee over SB416 was a David and Goliath clash between the state's biggest resorts that have full-service sportsbooks and smaller locations that by law are limited to 15 gambling devices.

Lobbyists for the resort association argue the kiosks cross the line from slot and video poker machines and enter the realm of unrestricted gambling.

But opponents countered the kiosks are not sportsbooks because they don't pay out winnings. People set up accounts and can then place bets. Losses and winnings are recorded and account holders can withdraw up to a certain amount daily.

No action was taken by the committee.