Bill Mandates Medical Services at Events

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CARSON CITY -- Special events would have to have medical services under a bill being considered at the Nevada State Legislature.

Assemblymember Lucy Flores (D-Las Vegas) said she was prompted to introduce the measure after she became sick at a marathon.

"(I) did experience many of the problems the other runners experienced and actually needed medical services myself and couldn't find any," Flores said.

The assembly bill mandates events with more than 25-hundred people have a first aid station.

Flores estimated an EMT might cost a few hundred dollars for eight hours.

The bill also would require events held far from hospitals to have an ambulance on-site.

"It was clearly demonstrated with the tragedy you saw in Boston it's so incredibly necessary to have emergency services (at events) because time is of the essence in a situation like that," Flores said.

The bill has passed the assembly.

The provisions of the bill are modeled after those already in-place in the City of Reno.