Bike Thefts Increase In Reno

RENO, NV - At Classic Adventures RV, teams are busy preparing bicycles for this year's Burning Man festivities.

“In the shop here we have a little designated area dedicated to bike maintenance and repair,” says Dane Johnson.

Johnson, the manager here, says the bikes are all part of the trailer and mobile home rental package to the more than 10 day festival in Gerlach.

“Bikes are important because the Playa is 2 miles in diameter. It's a long, long, walk. It's just more efficient. It's eco-friendly and that's just what everyone does,” says Johnson.

Such an integral part of the experience, 2 years ago, Classic Adventures RV had a modified flat bed trailer created to hold 190 bicycles.

It is taken to the Playa and the bikes are distributed to their RV renters.

The bikes are returned, and throughout the year refurbished with new tires, or pedals or gears.

“Have you ever had anyone of them stolen?” we ask.

“Occasionally not very often,” says Johnson.

He continues, “ We just charge the customer to whom we have loaned a bike.”

Johnson says to help prevent loss, each bike comes with a lock.

Reno Police say you don't have to go to the Playa for bike thefts. Here in downtown Reno, it is the top property crime.

They point to a peak in thefts just a couple of weeks before Burning Man and there may be a connection.

Still, bike dealers and organizations say an increase in thefts may be attributed to an increase in biking as a whole in our area--more bikes they say--more of an opportunity to take one.

Burning Man organizers say this is the first time they've heard of a connection to bike thefts in Reno, and their event.

Reno Police say to protect your bike from theft, use a U Lock mounted to a sturdy base, ideally a bike rack police say it's your best defense against theft.