Big Rocks Into Little Rocks; Reno Firm Crushing Its Way To Success

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RENO, NV - Simply put, what MB America does is turn big rocks into little rocks.

That might not sound like much, but if own operate a quarry or build roads, you could use one of their products..

In back of their headquarters building on Technology Way Tuesday an excavator was working on a stack of broken concrete.

The concrete might be the rubble left by the demolition of a building. On most construction sites, it would likely be hauled away, at some expense, possibly to some landfill.

But the operator of the excavator is turning it into something not only more easily handled, but potentially useful, rubble reborn, recycled into aggregate.

"Only the little rocks are useful," says MB America CEO
iriano "Max" Ravazzolo.

Those little rocks in fact are an essential ingredient in construction of roads, buildings, even landscaping. Ravazzolo's crushers can turn them out in sizes ranging from one to five inches and do it on site.

The secret isn't in the excavator. That's a standard piece of heavy equipment.

It's in the bucket and in that bucket is a set of teeth made of a very hard manganese steel alloy. The rubble is picked up in the bucket, chewed and spit out in gravel-sized pieces.

The bucket can be attached to a number of different pieces of equipment. The result is the same.

MB has been making and selling these crushers in Europe for a decade.

They located their North American headquarters here in Reno three years ago. The idea has been catching on.

Next door they're building a new, bigger building.

Currently they employ about 20 people here, but that work force may be expanding. Within two years they expect to be producing these units here in Reno.