Big Rivalry, Big Bucks Could Come To An End

Silver and Blue Outfitters is the official clothing store for Wolf Pack sweatshirts, t-shirts, and hats among other things.

While the store mainly focuses on anything Nevada..occasionally they will focus on the particular win and put in on a shirt, like the Cal game earlier this year.

The manager hopes such a shirt could be made after the Boise game this Saturday.

“Just a huge increase in people going to the game, in sales, and general feel for it. Everyone is interest in it, it's a huge rivalry,” says manager Shane Stuart.

But perhaps not as much as two years ago, when both the Pack and the Broncos were nationally ranked.

While there was much anticipation and purchases..the game itself proved to be even bigger with a Pack win in overtime.

This year while plenty of people are coming in, Stuart says it can't compete with 20-10, even though this is the last time the two teams may meet.

At Silver Peak in downtown Reno, the owner says the Boise game always brings fans from both sides of the field to have a drink or a meal--either before and after the game.

Owner Trent Schmidt says it's a civil rivalry for the most part he has few problems when Boise and Nevada are in the same room. But Schmidt agrees it will take a long time to establish such a popular yearly battle.

But whether the Pack wins or loses on Saturday, Schmidt says it always has a positive impact on drink sales.

“They understand drowning their sorrow in a little bit of beer and talking about the game will happen--respectful of the other fans--everybody has a really good time,” says Schmidt.