Bid to Ban Use of Dogs in Nevada Bear Hunts Rejected

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RENO, Nev. (AP) - The Nevada wildlife commission has rejected a request by animal rights groups to ban the use of dogs for hunting bears.

The commission, at a meeting Friday in Las Vegas, voted 6-2 to deny the petition filed by six organizations, including NoBearHuntNV, the BEAR League and the Nevada Humane Society.

The groups say over half of the states conducting bear hunts have outlawed the use of dogs as being "unsporting" and "unnecessarily cruel" to both bears and dogs.

But commission Chairman Jack Robb says most members believe the use of dogs to hunt bears involves "fair chase," and that the problems cited by the groups have not surfaced in Nevada.

Kathryn Bricker of NoBearHuntNV says a statewide poll shows 57 percent of Nevadans disapprove of the practice.