How to Be a Good Witness

Neighborhood crime watch
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SUN VALLEY, NV -- From child lurings to sexual assaults, police agencies in the Truckee Meadows have received good suspect descriptions for major crimes this week.

It's all the basics you would think of, like noticing a suspect and vehicle. But there are a few more factors thrown in, like noticing that a crime is taking place before it's too late.

Police say if you think something is astray, trust your gut and start taking notice as to what is happening.

When cops arrive they will want to know a description of the suspect. Start from the top of the head with the hair, skin color, and facial features. Then move to their clothing. Notice what shirt, pants, and shoes they are wearing. Any tattoo descriptions can also help police.

Finally, their vehicle make and model, but don't forget that license plate.

Police admit, it can be a lot of information to remember.

"When situations are happening, it's hard to be able to observe all of that information so we actually train them how to train themselves how to be able to take a snap shot and give us a lot of information," said
Reserve Lt. Teresa Aquila with the Washoe County Sheriff''s Office.

This Sunday, the Washoe County Sheriff's office will be teaching community members the best way to make note of their surroundings when involved in an incident. The "Be a Better Witness" program is part of an ongoing effort to implement neighborhood watch programs in Sun Valley. The meeting happens on Sunday from 10am till 11am at 5360 Sun Valley Boulevard