Beefed Up Security At District Court

RENO, NV - “It's a deterrent a physical deterrent you'll notice withing a higher set of security and there is also that factor you will not see,” says Washoe County Undersheriff Todd Vinger.

A look outside Washoe District Court and it appears to be a pretty normal day.

But inside a hearing involving two rival motorcycle gangs and a murder has security increased in the courtroom where officers used a wand for the second time to get into the proceedings.

There were additional deputies placed inside the courtroom as well.

The threat may not be just inside, outside security could be placed in strategic places as well. The added security is for everyone Vinger says.

“Responsible for the security of the community, the safety of the courts, the safety of the judges, the safety of the defendant,” says Vinger.

Past high profile cases include the Darren Mack trial where Judge Doug Herndon was escorted by plain clothed and uniformed officers when he left the courtroom each day.

Convicted murderer James Beila wore a bullet proof vest during trial, as did Larry Peck convicted of fatally shooting a Reno Police Officer.

Vinger says increased security isn't just in District Court, but its frequently needed in family court as well.

“I just want to thank the teams that make it happen. Some that you see some that you don't. that all come together and all these analysts that look at all the data to build and give us a good picture as to whatever or not there really is a threat out there, “ says Vinger.