Surviving Hepatitis C

RENO, NV - About three months ago, Darla Burrow says she started feeling great and wanted to capitalize on it.

She began working out, and just gets stronger and stronger.

That happens, but not to people who were told they had only 10 years to live like Darla.

“I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. There was no medicine I can give you for treatment. You are ultimately going to die,” says Darla.

Not one to take the information with a whimper, Darla did her own research.

She volunteered for clinical trials involving hepatitis C treatment; none worked.

The only thing that saved her life was an eventual liver transplant.

That's why she feels like a new person.

Darla says she was infected by a blood transfusion back in 1984. Just being part of the "baby boom" generation, puts her at risk.

“Other ways would be drug use, people who use injectable drugs in the past. People who snorted drugs in the past. Medical dental procedures you know which we didn't have a test for Hepatitis C,” Alex Lapasaran APN, who coordinates The Digestive Health Hepatitis C Clinic.

Lapasaran says while most patients are surprised with a diagnosis.

What also surprises them, Hepatitis C can be cured. With new medications on the market he says the virus can actually be destroyed.

But patients need to get that diagnosis first, that can be done Lapasaran says with a simple blood test.