Bear Tranquilized, Cub Still on the Loose in Reno

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RENO, NV - Wildlife officials are still looking for a bear cub in Reno's foothills, but they don't believe it's dangerous.

Late Monday morning, a female bear was tranquilized near Plumb and McCarran Boulevard in west Reno. NDOW wasn't able to track the cub, leaving the Nevada Department of Wildlife asking for the public’s help in finding the cub so the female can be reunited with her offspring.

“We would like the people in that neighborhood to be on the lookout for a bear cub traveling alone,” says wildlife biologist Carl Lackey. “Ideally we would like to reunite mother and cub before winter hibernation occurs later in November or in early December. That being said, the cub is quite capable of taking care of itself. People should not approach the cub nor offer it food.”

The eight- to nine-year-old female was “processed“ by NDOW after being tranquilized. She was given an ear tag, a tattoo on her inner jaw and a microchip tag. In addition, hair and blood samples were taken, making the bear part of NDOW’s ongoing study of black bears in the Sierra Nevada.

NDOW will hold on to the female for a couple of days in hopes of capturing the cub. If that does not happen, the female will be released back into the mountains.

If people see the cub they can call the Bear Hotline number at 775 688-BEAR (2327).