Bear Release “Goes Perfectly”

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Minden, NV - A yearling male black bear was released in the early evening hours of August 9, 2013, in the mountains west of the Minden/Gardnerville area of the Carson Valley.

Biologist Carl Lackey, accompanied by Karelian Bear Dog “Rooster”, released the bear and applied the proven “aversive conditioning” treatment as the bear scurried toward freedom with the dog on its heels.

“Right as we release the bear, we shoot rubber bullets at it and chase it with Karelian bear dogs, using all of the tools available to us in our aversion conditioning program. The goal is to make the bear uncomfortable and make it think twice before coming back to civilization,” said Lackey.

Lackey lauds the cooperation of the people in the Gardnerville Rancho area in giving NDOW a chance to “save this bear and keep it wild. When we get to these bears quickly and apply the aversive conditioning treatment, we give the bear a chance to survive.”

The yearling male black bear ran up a tree to get away from “Rooster”. “When they tree like this,” says Lackey, “it is ideal for us to get the full effect of the aversion conditioning. We save bears doing this.”

Persons needing to report nuisance bear activity can call the NDOW’s Bear Hotline telephone number at (775) 688-BEAR (2327). For information on living with bears persons can go to and find the ”Bear Logic” page on the web.