Bear Killed After Killing Goats

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GENOA, NV - A male black bear was euthanized Friday, July 18, 2014 in Genoa for killing livestock, according to the Nevada Department of Wildlife. The roughly six-year-old bear had been handled by NDOW personnel two other times before Friday.

April 29, a bear killed four goats inside an enclosure in Genoa. A trap was set and a bear was caught, but it could not be determined if that was the bear that killed the livestock. So it was tagged and taken south of Gardnerville and released. The same bear had been tagged the previous year when it was captured just north of Genoa.

NDOW says the same black bear returned to Genoa this past week, punched a hole in the side of a small barn and entered the enclosure, killing two goats. It was then caught in an NDOW trap, identified and euthanized by Department of Wildlife personnel.

NDOW says this is the first bear killed in 2014 for killing livestock. Two bears were euthanized in 2013 for the same reason.

If you need to report what you think is nuisance bear activity, call the NDOW Bear Hotline telephone number at (775) 688-BEAR (2327).

For information on living with bears, go to and find the ”Bear Logic” page on the web.