Be A Santa To A Soldier

Veterans' Day is reserved for those who have served this country, there are still a couple hundred Nevada men and women who are currently on active duty in places like Afghanistan and Kuwait. Many will not be home for Christmas, that's where our “Be A Santa To A Soldier” comes in.

Last May we showed you pictured of Nevada's Army National Guard preparing for a 9 month deployment of Afghanistan.

Do the math, it means these men and women will be spending the holidays away from family and friends.

Some may be spending the holidays alone.

“Quite a few of the soldiers were thankful because they said I wanted to send something to my kids for Christmas but I didn't have any money. And then the gift card came. I called Walmart, or Target or one of those places and I got something for my kid it really helped out,” says P.J Degross from Web of Support.

Degross developed "Be A Santa To A Soldier" to make the holidays a bit brighter for Nevadans serving overseas..

Its as simple as buying a Christmas Card, a gift card, and writing a message to a service man or woman.

Place the card in an unsealed envelope and plastic gallon bag and deliver it to a drop off site.

The cards will be mailed to Nevada servicemen and women deployed to the middle east.

You can be as creative as you want.

At Morning's Little Stars Playschool students made their own cards last year.

“I thought you now its never to young to teach our little children that there is more to Christmas, the Christmas season than asking for gifts,” said Morningstar Helvery from the Morning's Little Stars Play School.

Gift cards can be used to buy military families items here in the states, or something special for the servicemen and women themselves.

Drop off sites includes KOLO 8 Studios on Ampere, R-C Willey on Steamboat Parkway, Cumulus Broadcasting on east Plumb Lane, and Charley's Grilled Subs on South Stewart Street in Carson City.

The goal is to exceed 250 cards this year, and because they are going overseas, the deadline to drop them off is December 7th.