Battle Born Derby Demons Prepare for Battle

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RENO, NV - The Battle Born Derby Demons are in their eighth season of competition. They come from all walks of life; it's roller derby that brings them together.

"My team is a mix of girls who otherwise I probably never would have met," said Anita JamBayou, a mental health therapist. "That's unfortunate because this is a group of the most genuine, wholehearted, amazing individuals I've ever had the privilege of being a part of."

She's been skating with the Demons for three years now.

"It is cathartic," JamBayou said. "And it's for everyone. Every shape, every size, gender, race everybody can find a place in roller derby and I think that's an amazing thing about this sport."

On the track, the skaters are focused on the challenge.

"It is painful but it's also a challenge in that respect to push past the pain and test your limits, fall down and get back up," JamBayou said. "You have a squad of girls behind you cheering you on and that's what makes the pain worth it."

The team has seen their fan base grow over the years.

"That's the best part, the fans," said Carnage SanDiego, who's in human resources. "It's so fun to be out there and even though we're getting a little hurt, you don't feel it at the time because you have this crowd cheering for you and you know they're behind you."

She got into the sport two years ago.

"I knew a girl who played and she seemed normal," SanDiego said. "There's this big misconception that only eccentric people play derby and that's not true, we're all like everyone else."

It's a non-profit team that relies heavily on volunteers.

"Even if you don't feel comfortable skating we're always looking for volunteers, people to referee," JamBayou said. "Anyone that would like to be involved with something that is empowering and fun and exciting, this is the place I think you should come."

Their next match is Saturday August 23rd at Roller Kingdom in downtown Reno. A portion of the proceeds from the bout will go to the Northern Nevada Hopes Clinic.

"We can't do it without the community, that's why we're trying to be so community-oriented," JamBayou said. "We love Reno and that's why we love playing for Reno as their roller derby team."

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