Fund Set for Oil Explosion Victim; Investigation Underway

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FALLON, NV - Investigators have begun the task of finding the cause of Monday's explosion and fire at an oil recycling plant west of Fallon.

A series of explosions rocked the plant, rupturing oil storage tanks, sending flames and a large black cloud into the air above the rural neighborhood along Highway 50 near Lahontan Dam.

One employee, 24 year old Daniel Snodgrass, suffered second and third degree burns over more than 50 percent of his body. He remains in critical condition at a California burn center. Those wanting to help the family of Snodgrass can give at any Wells Fargo branch to "The Daniel Snodgrass Donation Account"

Investigation into the cause got under way in earnest Tuesday.

Personnel from Churchill County and the state fire marshal's office found tanks and equipment damaged by fire, standing in oil and foam retardant left by the firefighters.

Initial reports Monday indicated the explosion happened during efforts to heat the oil being processed.

Bango Oil has been inspected by state OSHA personnel at least three times since it went on line in 2007.

The most recent inspection in November of last year found six violations including fall hazards and other working conditions. Some were minor, but at least two deemed serious and one repeat offense drew the heaviest fine. It concerned a lack of procedures for isolating hazardous energy sources during maintenance.

Officials we talked with could give no timeline on determining the cause.