Sheriff Releases Names of Carson Shooting Victims

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RENO, NV - The gunman accused of shooting a woman in the head and fatally shooting her father in Carson City apparently used a stolen gun, according to Carson Sheriff Ken Furlong.

Furlong says shortly before 6AM Saturday, December 28, Michael Brentlinger broke into the home of 19-year-old Cassandra Perry on Carmine Street. She heard noises and called her father, 52-year-old Guy Perry, who lived across the street. He walked over with a handgun and was shot and killed by Brentlinger, who then shot Cassandra. Furlong says she is expected to recover fully.

Ms. Perry's brother Kyle had been asleep in the same home, and confronted Brentlinger, according to Furlong. He tried to get the gun. Brentlinger fired more shots, though Kyle was not hit. Brentlinger then drove off, leading to a manhunt that ended Monday afternoon.

Reno police say that's when Brentlinger's father called police saying his son was making suicidal comments and that he was worried.

Officers say they discovered Brentlinger in Manzanita Park in southwest Reno. After talking with the suspect, officials say he turned the gun on himself.

"We tried to talk with him," says police spokesman Lt. William Rulla, "Three or four minutes later he shot himself in the head."

Rulla said the weapon, a .45 caliber handgun, would be tested but appeared to be the same type used in the Carson City shooting.

Furlong says Brentlinger and Cassandra Perry had lived together, but broken up in November 2013. She had gotten a personal protection order against him, an order he violated earlier in December, leading to an arrest on a trespassing charge.

He says the shooting appears to have stemmed from the former domestic relationship between Brentlinger and Cassandra Perry, and that nobody else of interest is being sought.