Avoiding Valentine's Day Procrastination

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RENO, Nev. -- Valentine's Day may be a week away, but men are asked to rise to the occasion and not wait until the last minute to find the perfect gift or make reservations.

If you haven't started thinking about what you're getting your significant other, you are running out of time, but there are still a few ways that will help you save some money.

Roses, romance and dinner are usually expected on the day of love, but if you haven't even started planning for it, you have the potential of hurting someone's feelings, and your wallet.

"I was thinking about buying myself a present and then telling my husband, 'honey you don't have to buy me anything for valentine's day, I already found this pendent," one woman said.

If you don't want this to happen to you, call ahead. Many places offer incentives, like a 2 for 1 dinner for the first 200 orders.

"We like to call it valentine's week...look at it this way. If your valentine is the first to get flowers think of what a hero you are because everyone in her office is going to wonder if they're going to get them," Sparks Florist Director said.

If you get your flowers delivered before Valentine's day, you can save at least six dollars on delivery charges.

Sparks Florist is expecting to get about 3,000 orders next week, which means other florists aren't too far behind.

"We call it organized chaos so on that day, we do about 12 hundred deliveries," Shepard said.

Restaurants are even busier. Many are completely booked, but there are a few ways you can get around it.

"We have the bar seating. Bar's always open and the community tables fill up really fast. Usually around 5 o'clock you can grab a seat, but every hour and half to two hours, they turn over," Mark Estee, Owner of Campo said.

-Avoid getting gifts delivered the morning of Valentine's day
-Call restaurants for menu options--some offer the same Valentine's day specials through the weekend
-make dinner at home and save about $50

Of course, some people just forgo the holiday altogether.

"It's just another day don't spend all your money on it. Just wait til your anniversary, Christmas or birthday for Pete's sake," one woman said.

Here are a few restaurants in town with specials this year:

- John Ascuaga's Nugget in Sparks

- Eldorado Hotel Casino: Roxy, La Strada, and Prime Rib Grill. The special menus will be available from Valentine's Day, February 14, through Sunday, February 17.

- Grand Sierra Resort-Charlie Palmer Steak, Elements Buffet, Briscola, and Café Sierra

- Peppermill Resort Spa Casino - Biscotti's, Bimini Steakhouse, Cafe Milano, CHI, Oceano, and Romanza.

-Silver Legacy Resort Casino - Sterling's Seafood Steakhouse and Cafe Sedona.

- Wild River Grille - Four-course deluxe Valentine's Day dinner for two.

-Squaw Valley Valentine's Day Dinner at High Camp