Averting Insurance Claim Problems

Courtesy of Kana Grant
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Reno, Nev. - People who are coming home to burned-down or smoke damaged homes now have even more to deal with as they start to file insurance claims.

Curtis Coulter is a Reno lawyer who handles insurance claims cases.

He says there are some things you can do to make sure you get what you're owed.

If your home was damaged, he says immediately contact your insurance company and ask for a copy of your insurance policy in writing.

Also, be sure to find out if there's a deadline to file your claim. Some insurance companies will only give you six months.

And don't forget that most homeowner's insurance policies allow for temporary living expenses, clean-up costs, and may even cover the cost to remove and replace damaged landscaping.

Even if you didn't lose your home to the Caughlin Fire, it's certainly a reminder that disasters like this can happen at any time.

There are some things you can do to prepare.

"Get a video camera, put it on your iPod, on your iPhone rather, and go through and video tape your house, open up your electronics cabinet, open your closet, open your dresser, because once those items are gone, you don't particularly think about them," said Coulter.

Don't forget to store those videos you make in another spot, besides your house.

Coulter recommends making a new video, at the very least, once every two years.