Astronomy Day Attracts Stargazers

SPARKS, Nev. It's something that comes up everyday but thanks to the Astronomical Society of Nevada, some lucky people got a peak at the Sun as well as some other celestial bodies.

"The first reaction is 'Wow', the second reaction is 'Cool', and 'I didn't know you guys existed," Jim Fahey of the Astronomical Society of Nevada said.

As a clear sky and warm weather drew people out to the Sparks Marina, many were surprised to see a handful of telescopes scattered across the grass.

It was all part of the National Astronomy Day, a nationwide out reach designed to give access to telescopes to the general public.

During the day, people were given a chance to look at the moon, as well as the sun through the use of special telescopes.

"It was really cool, because we saw the sun as kind of red, I mean kind of orange, and the outside is black," eleven year old Aisha said.

The event sparked the interest of people of all ages.

"Through the telescope, I could see the craters on the moon, I could see the different parts of the moon," Adam Fliess said.

Fliess, along with many other people, came back to the Marina as night fell to get a peak at some other astronomical bodies as well.

"I saw the moon really up close, and I saw Jupiter," nine year old Grace said.

While people waited patiently in lines to see the universe, one young boy knew exactly what he was looking for.

"I want to see Saturn's ring cause I know it's meteors; it's big huge rocks!," ten year old Jacob said.

The Astronomical Society meets at the Marina every third Friday of the month to stargaze. They meet in other locations as well. To find one close to you visit