As Temperatures Rise, KOLO Cares Fan Club Helps Cool Seniors

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The temperatures outside were already in the mid-90's by early afternoon, but it was cool inside the Senior Center on East Ninth. Some were lingering here long after lunch and who could blame them?

But sooner or later they had to go home...

"Yeah that's the thing," said Lary Crews.; "Eventually you've got to go home."
Lary and his wife Lori are recent transplants from Florida and no strangers to hot weather.

Still, the sudden arrival of this heat wave is turning their apartment in a downtown residence hotel into an oven.

"Let's put it this way. It's a good thing nobody comes by to visit us," says Lary, "because we start taking clothes off as time goes by."

So Friday as they were first in line as the staff at the Senior Center began handing out donated fans.

The window box model they picked out will help keep them cool in the days and weeks ahead.

A lot of seniors are in the same boat and need help.

"We have seniors that are living on fixed income," says Washoe Senior Services Administrative Assistant Leslie Williams. "We have individuals who have health issues, mobility issues and can't come to the center for a little respite from the heat. So, we would like to meet that need this year."

Over the years through the donations of our viewers the Fan Club has helped hundreds of seniors beat the heat.

"And with temperatures beginning to rise in June this year instead of July we expect our demand to exceed 400 this year and we'd like to not have a waiting list."

That waiting list is worrying. Each year a number of seniors have been left out as demand exceeded supply.

Recipients are prioritized to serve those without air conditioning and have not received a fan in the past two years. Those who are 60 years or older and in need should contact Washoe Senior Services at 328-2575 or stop by the Senior Center at 1155 East Ninth Street.

Donations can be made at the Senior Center 9am to 3pm. Because of liability issues and the aim of giving seniors dependable equipment, only new fans in their original box or money for their purchase can be accepted.