Art Paws Helps Local Animal Welfare Groups

RENO, NV - Earlier this month we told you animal control was on track for setting a record rescuing dogs from hot cars. Some of those calls were from special events where owners mistakenly think their dogs are allowed. But that mistake won't be made on Sunday, when the only animal-friendly Art Town events gets underway at McKinley Art Center.

The Chihuahuas we met have names like Grace Kelly and Kevin Costner.

While very glamorous, the Chihuahua breed's recent past and present destiny, at least here in the west, is precarious.

”Down in Southern California they are the first euthanized breed. Actually they are ahead of the Pit Bull. Nationwide, they are second behind the Pitt Bull as the number 2 euthanized breed,” says PJ Wangsness, with the Chihuahua Rescue Truckee Meadows.

PJ says she got her first Chihuahua years ago and has been in love with the breed ever since.

With popular movies and commercials, many people liked them too, but breeding and other factors have meant this breed is in over-abundance and often abandoned.

That's why PJ set up the non-profit Chihuahua Rescue Truckee Meadows.

”Excuse the pun, but I think because they are the underdog, And you know their mission statement was very clear with what they needed,” says Kathleen Miller with the Art Paws Underdog Grant Committee.

Miller and other committee members from Art Paws Underdog Grant Committee selected Chihuahua Rescue Truckee Meadows to receive their grant this year to continue to foster care and place Chihuahuas.

But the money wouldn't be available without the annual Art Paws event.

That's where dogs and their owners spend the day at McKinley Arts Center, participate in contests, or just wander around.

There's wine tasting, and a silent auction and vendors. PJ will be there to see if you might be interested in taking on a Chihuahua.

“Gives you an opportunity to meet them see what they are like and see that they really aren't yappy, snappy, little dogs, although they are pretty entertaining right now,” says PJ.

PJ will use the money from the Art Paws Grant to help build a facility for the Chihuahua Rescue Truckee Meadows.

The Art Paws event is this Sunday from 11-to 5:00 at the McKinley Arts Center 925 Riverside Drive in Reno

Amanda Sanchez and Terri Russell will be there to judge the dog talent contests which include best outfit, and best trick.