Armed Suspect Burglarizes Home in South Lake Tahoe

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South Lake Tahoe, CA - On Tuesday, the South Lake Tahoe police department responded to 911 calls indicating a that male broke into a residence on Bonanza Avenue.

Upon arrival, police had to chase the suspect, who was carrying bags of stolen items from the residence. The suspect was chased through yards and over a fence to the meadow near D Street and Highway 50, where he attempted to pull a gun from his waistband. The suspect lost control of his gun and was seized without any shots fired. Unfortunately, one police officer was hurt during the event and was taken to the emergency department.

Police said the identity of the suspect is currently being investigated, as he provided false information to police upon his arrest. Police also said they learned that the burglarized house was an unauthorized marijuana growing habitat.

Police said the suspect is being held on charges of illegal possession of a firearm, armed burglary and robbery. The house which was burglarized was destroyed with the help of the SLEDNET task force.

Anyone having information about this incident is encouraged to contact Detective Carlquist at (530) 542-6133.