Apply for TSA Pre-Check in Reno

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RENO -- People can now apply in Reno to go through shorter security screening at airports. The Transportation Security Administration's Pre-Check lines have existed at the Reno airport for several months, but one could only apply to be a pre-checked passenger in other cities until now.

Fingerprinting Express on Plumb Lane is now screening passengers for the Pre-Check program. A passenger's pre-checked status lasts five years, and the cost of applying is $85.

"You can leave on your shoes, you can leave on your belt or light outer jacket, you can also leave your laptop in your bag, or your limited quantities of the liquid gels and aerosols," TSA spokesperson Lorie Dankers said.

Not everyone will be approved. The person applying will have to pass a background check, be finger printed, and bring documents proving their status as a citizen or permanent resident.