Anti-Bullying Campaign Urges Students to 'Flip the Script'

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RENO, NV - A YouTube video of upstate New York middle school students taunting an elderly bus monitor quickly went viral. In the 14 minutes of footage, students make fun of 68-year-old Karen Klein’s weight. When she starts to cry, they say it must be because she misses her box of Twinkies.

“Seeing things like that video really motivates us,” Lindsey Stull of the R&R Partners Foundation. The foundation is behind a new anti-bullying campaign called Flip the Script.

“It pushes us to fight harder against bullying and makes us want to get the Flip the Script message out there even more.” Stull said.

The Flip the Script website has information and resources for students, parents and teachers concerned with bullying in all forms. Students can take a pledge not to bully and to help peers in need.

“Students are all about this, more than 500 have already gone online to take the pledge to say, ‘I’m here to end bullying,’” Stull said.

The campaign started in the southern part of Nevada but the hope is to make it a statewide effort.

“The R&R Partners Foundation started the campaign because it was becoming more apparent what a huge issue bullying is and we wanted to bring more light to it and actively try to change the outlook all over Nevada,” Stull said.

She says the program has been very well reviewed so far and the hope is to partner with schools and communities in order to get the program’s curriculum out to as many people as possible.

“We’ve had great feedback from teachers that really want to implement those types of things in the classroom,” Stull said. “We’re trying to supply them with all of the information they need to educate their students to flip the script-going from a negative way of going about things to a positive way of talking to peers.”