Ann Romney Pitches For Women's Votes in Reno

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RENO, NV - Conventional wisdom holds and polls show, Mitt Romney is lagging in support from women and is having trouble connecting with average voters on a personal level.

So, what better surrogate to address those shortcomings than the person who knows him best?

Enter Ann Romney.

"I'm here to talk to you not about the competency because it's there and you've heard a lot about it. It's about the caring piece of Mitt," she told an audience at Reno's Bartley Ranch.

"I can tell you that this man cares, that he has a good heart and he does things for the right reason."

There was little doubt about the focus of the rally. "Women for Mitt" signs were everywhere. It was a consistent theme.

Mrs. Romney was preceded by women who had worked with her husband on the Salt Lake Olympics, one, registered Democrat Caroline Shaw told the crowd that upon learning she was being paid less than men in the office, he had corrected that error immediately.

Mrs. Romney's own twelve minute talk was short on issues, but long on personal anecdotes such as his befriending a 14 year old boy dying of cancer.

"Mitt is a person that cares. He is a person that will be there. That's why we're running because we care."

All in all, it was an effective appearance before a receptive crowd and the kind of contribution a spouse can deliver better than anyone else.

When the spouse is good at it, it can help.

"I believe he does care for women whereas the mainstream media will say that he's not," said Marianne Isaacs after the event.

"I think she's right about him," added Victoria Myer.